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1. GENERAL TASK DESCRIPTION. The Contractor shall assist actions supporting the development, fielding and sustainment of strategic command and control systems as applicable to Joint Staff, United States Strategic Command and ACC requirements. These systems include, but are not limited to the following: Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network (MEECN) Low/Very Low Frequency Systems; Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN); Miniature Receive Terminal (MRT); Modified Miniature Receive Terminal (MMRT); Survivable Low Frequency Communications System (SLFCS); Aircraft Alerting Communications EMP (AACE); Mobile Consolidated Command Center (MCCC); Global High Frequency (HF) Radio System, Scope Control (HF) system, Scope Signal III (HF), and Scope Command (HF).

2. REFERENCE. Air Combat Command Program Management Squadron Statement of Work (ACC PMS SOW), paragraph 6.14.1, Directorate of Communications and Information, for the HQ ACC Contracted Advisory and Assistance Services (CAAS) Contract.

3. APPLICABLE STATEMENT OF WORK PARAGRAPHS. This Task Order (TO) invokes the provisions of paragraphs 1.4, 3.15, and 6.14.1 of the ACC PMS SOW for the HQ ACC CAAS Contract.

4. SPECIFIC TASK DESCRIPTION. The Contractor shall provide the functional support required to fulfill this task order as described herein as Subtasks one (1) through eight (8).

4.1 Deliverable/Format. The Contractor shall deliver all technical reports in formats approved by HQ ACC/SCCC. Products generated under this task order shall be delivered in electronic format unless hard copy is specifically requested by the Quality Assurance Evaluator (QAE). Electronic format will be consistent with the office automation product standard in use within ACC. Currently, this standard is Microsoft Office Professional 97; other versions may be used if agreed upon by the QAE and the Contract Project Manager. HQ ACC CONS and HQ ACC PMS do not require copies of listed CDRLs under this Task Order (TO).




Report of MeetingA001 Draft due 7 working days after meeting. Final due 3 working days after receipt of government comments
Trip ReportA001Due to QAE 7 working days after return
Status ReportA014Per paragraph 4.3 below
Technical ReportA017 Due as agreed between QAE and Contractor

4.2 Schedule. The Contractor shall perform this task from the date of the fully executed TO through 30 September 2000.

4.3 Subtask 1 - Project Management.

The Contractor shall establish an efficient management structure to ensure effective administration of the ACC/SCCC Task Order. This management structure is one that uses the fewest number of personnel to establish controls for costs and performance, monitor costs and performance, and identify and rectify any variables that could potentially increase costs or hinder performance. Effective administration will ensure all completed deliverables are in the agreed format and content and are provided within the agreed time. The Contractor shall appoint a Program Manager to administer all project activities and serve as the principle point of contact for all matters pertaining to project administration. The Program Manager shall resolve issues that cannot be resolved locally.

Status Report. The Contractor shall deliver to the QAE one (1) status report within 45 days after receipt of the TO and on the 15th of each month thereafter IAW CDRL A014, with the exception of para. 10.2.3. Each status report will cover the prior calendar month activities and be organized by subtask.

4.4 Subtask 2 - Technical Analysis.

The Contractor shall perform detailed analysis of MEECN and strategic command and control systems planning documents, specifications, and quality performance measures to ensure that the operational user requirements and perspectives are considered in balance with the technical requirements and systems performance. The results of the detailed technical analysis will be documented IAW CDRL A017.

4.5 Subtask 3 - Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Program Analysis.

The Contractor shall provide analysis of ILS Programs by applying life cycle cost and ILS Program knowledge to assess the supportability and suitability of proposed systems. The results of analysis will be documented in a technical report IAW CDRL A017.

4.6 Subtask 4 - Document Review, Update, and Generation Support.

The Contractor shall review, update, and generate documents that support C2 systems . These documents may include requirement documentation, action plans, operational concept documents, implementation plans, operating procedures, and logistics support plans.

4.7 Subtask 5 - Quick Reaction Technical Support.

The Contractor shall provide a limited level of quick reaction technical support to review support plans and documents and test and evaluation documentation. This task will include preparation support for program meetings and technical interchange meetings. Preparation for meeting may include data gathering, data analysis, and data evaluation to develop background papers, staff studies, or presentation materials that are intended to instruct, recommend a strategy, persuade an audience, or report program progress. The Contractor shall provide support to meet short suspense requirements for informal information papers, point papers, background papers or meeting support in CONUS or at overseas locations. Contractor personnel will maintain passports for this purpose. Advance notice of overseas travel requirements must allow sufficient visa paperwork processing time for travel to countries that require visa approval for entry.

4.8 Subtask 6 - MEECN Support.

The Contractor shall provide MEECN systems expertise to monitor and track MEECN management issues and shall participate in integrated weapons systems management meetings, logistic reviews, integration and implementation meetings and technical interchange meetings. The Contractor shall submit Meeting Minutes/Trip Reports IAW CDRL A001.

4.9 Subtask 7 - Scope Command Planning, Implementation and Logistics Support.

The Contractor shall monitor and track scheduling, installation and sustainment matters with ACC Scope Command stations; participate in program reviews which include, logistic support reviews, integration and implementation meetings, technical interchange meetings, product improvement working groups, and test plan working groups. The Contractor shall monitor the removal and re-utilization of Scope Signal III and Scope Control equipment; coordinate with O&M units, AMC and SM-ALC; monitor logistics support; review deficiency reports; assess impacts to USSTRATCOM and ACC; coordinate with AMC, AFCA, and O&M units to implement HF Rightsizing via Scope Command. The Contractor shall submit Meeting Minutes/Trip Reports IAW CDRL A001.

4.10 Subtask 8 - Global HF System Support.

The Contractor shall provide Global HF systems expertise to monitor and track system management issues; participate in Global HF management issues, logistics reviews, integration and implementation meetings and technical interchange meetings; provide expertise as Global HF Stations transition from Scope Signal III and Scope Control operations to Scope Command operations; coordinate with AMC, AFCA, and AFMC in developing automatic link establishment (ALE) procedures for the Global HF system; provide expertise and assist with consolidation of Global HF missions, collocation of equipment and deactivation of Global HF stations. Actions will include the necessary research and coordination with appropriate using/supporting agencies/offices. The Contractor shall submit Meeting Minutes/Trip Reports IAW CDRL A001.

5. GOVERNMENT INPUTS/EQUIPMENT. The Government will furnish or make available to the Contractor any documentation deemed necessary to accomplish this task. Tis inculdes equipment specifications, interface control drawings, technical manuals, and other documentation that the Contractor shall request in writing at least 30 days before the critical need date. The Government shall provide workstations or office space, reproduction equipment, hardware and software necessary to support the Contractor. Also, the Government shall provide

E-mail/Internet access and the Contractor shall provide a National Agency Check (NAC) to be given such access.

6. DATA. The Government has unlimited rights to all deliverables of this Task Order. Specific contract efforts and accomplishments under this Task Order shall be included in the applicable Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) items as listed above.

7. TRAVEL. Anticipated travel under this TO shall be identified by the contractor's price proposal in response to this TO. All travel must be coordinated and approved by the QAE. Unless otherwise indicated, all travel will originate and end at Langley AFB, VA. The approximate number of trips is as follows:


Boston, MA
Washington D.C.
Richardson, TX
McClellan AFB, CA/Hill AFB, UT
Omaha, NE
San Diego, CA
Colorado Springs, CO
Ft Monmouth, NJ
Lajes Field, Azores

8. SECURITY INSTRUCTIONS. The provisions of ACC PMS SOW paragraph 3.21 shall apply. Access to classified information up to and including TOP SECRET is required to perform this task. DD Form 254 applies to this task.

9. DUTY INFORMATION. In accordance with paragraphs 3.18 of the ACC PMS SOW, the principle place of performance will be Langley AFB, VA. Travel to CONUS and/or overseas locations will be required in performance of this Task Order. Duty hours will be in accordance with paragraph 3.19 of the CAAS contract.