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Introduction of the Project:

SCOPE Command, a program of the High Frequency Global Communication System (HFGCS) System program office (SPO), is an upgrade and modernization program that will upgrade 14 high frequency (HF) ground stations worldwide to support four unique missions: USAF Global, Mystic Star, Inter-American Air Forces Telecommunications Network (SITFAA), and Defense Communications System (DCS) HF entry

United States Air Force (USAF) Global - Supports a wide range of users by providing air-ground-air, ship-to-shore, broadcast, and Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) capability to various DoD customers.

Mystic Star - Provides HF communications for the President, Vice-President, cabinet members, and other senior government and military officials while aboard Special Air Mission aircraft.

SITFAA - A Spanish/English/Portuguese language network supporting North, Central, and South American Air Force users in 18 countries. Provides voice and data HF links.

DCS HF entry - Provides HF communications services for tactical units in areas of the world where DCS connectivity is unavailable or insufficient.


The present United States Air force (USAF), High Power, High Frequency Radio system installed during the 1960s and 1970s is becoming logistically unsupportable. The SCOPE (System Capable Of Planned Expansion) Command is a program for modernizing the current SCOPE Control, SCOPE Pattern, and SCOPE Signal III radio systems. SCOPE Command will replace older HF radios and associated control equipment using state of the art commercial off the shelf / non-developmental items, and the latest computerized control tecniques.

The SCOPE Command HF radio system will function as totally integrated HF radio equipment. The 14 ground stations will allow remote or local operator selection of operating frequencies, sideband selection, transmitter power, antenna selection, and azimuth selection for directional antennas, half or full duplex operation, and initiation of an Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) sequence.

The Joint Interoperability Test Command's (JITC) involvement with SCOPE Command is twofold:

Ensuring the interoperablity of SCOPE Command with other C4I systems, are in accordance with DoDD 4630.5. Acts as the Responsible Test Organization (RTO) for the SCOPE Command project.


JITC support as the RTO and for interoperability certification will continue until the program achieves Full Operation Capability (FOC) which is currently scheduled for FY02.

JITC support for interoperability of SCOPE Command will continue after FOC is declared through the recertification of the system which is required every three years IAW DoD policy.

Reports/ Publications (TBD)

JITC POC:  Mr. James Skjervem (520) 538-5483 DSN: 879-5483

Last revision: 27 Sep 1999