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DYESS AFB, TX KDYS AF N32°25'14.72" W99°51'16.56" 1789 UTC-6(-5DT)
H-2E-5B, L-13B-15C
SERVICE - JASU - 1(MD-3) 1(MA-1A) 1(M32A-60A) 1(M32-86A) FUEL - J8 FLUID - LPOX
De-ice OIL - O-133-148-156 TRAN ALERT - Opr 1300-0500Z++.
REMARKS - RSTD - OFFL BUS ONLY 0500-1300Z++. Exp termination of practice apch dur
peak periods. Dur lcl trng, tran acft may be ltd to one full stop ldg. Use of assault strip rqr
48 hr prior coord with TACTICS DSN 461-2794. See FLIP AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Rmk.
Inbd acft with distinguished visitor code 6 or abv ctc Base OPS 20 min prior to arr. All AMC
acft ctc AMCC prior to arr. Acft larger than C130, 180° turns allowed only on concrete sfc
at N and S ends of Rwy 16-34. Rwy 161-341 clsd when sfc wet. CAUTION - Ints trng and
formation flt of hvy acft in the immed vcnty. Extv VFR assault strip tfc W of Rwy 16-34. B52
acft use caution, afld signs rqr B52 acft exit Rwy 16-34 at Twy F. Bird haz. Hi potential for
hydroplaning on Rwy 16-34, dur periods of wet wx. Dur VMC dep acft must remain at or
blw 3000' til fld bdry to ensure separation fr VFR overhead tfc pat. TFC PAT - Rectangular
3000', overhead 3500'. CSTMS/AG/IMG - CSTMS avbl, ctc Security Forces 24 hr in
advance DSN 461-2131/2132. MISC - No tran launches/recoveries trns dur base acft
surges. See FLIP AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Rmk. Base OPS DSN 461-2515/2258. Afld
designated as Orbital Ldg Site. Std USAF RSRS applied exc for B-1. B-1 RSRS rstd to 8000'
separation, min ceil/vis 1500'/3 SM and Rwy Sfc Cond (RSC) dry.
COMMUNICATIONS - SFA PTD - 372.2 ATI S - Opr 1200-0600Z++ Mon-Fri. 385.7
ABILENE APP DEP - (R) (E) 121.3 (125.0 338.3 E) (127.2 282.3 W) TWR - (E) 133.0 294.7
GND - 119.35 275.8 ACC COMMAND POST - 311.0 321.0 REMARKS: (RAYMOND 37)
(349.4 AMCC) PMSV METRO - 344.6 REMARKS: (Call NOAH)
NAVAIDS - ABILENE VORTACW - HA 113.700 ABI CH 84 N32°28'52.78" W99°51'48.45"
166° 3.7 NM to Fld. 1810/(A)10°0.0'E HIWAS. TUSCOLA VORW-DME - L 111.600 TQA
CH 53 N32°14'08.68" W99°49'00.42" 343° 11.2 NM to Fld. 2018/(A)10°0.0'E
DYESS TACAN - L DYS CH 63 N32°25'06.64" W99°51'25.39" At Fld. 1782/(A)8°0.0'E
No-NOTAM MP: 1100-1500Z++Wed.
(B) RWY-16 L2,5,11,50 (13500x300 PEM
S155 T250 ST175 TT500
PCN 72 R/C/X/T)
L2,5,11,50 RWY-34
RWY-161 (3500x60 ASP) RWY-341
ABI TACAN az unuse 062°-094° byd 30 NM blw 4500'
DYS TACAN unuse 160°-240° byd 25 NM blw 5000'
240°-270° byd 30 NM blw 4000'