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ELLSWORTH AFB, SD KRCA AF N44°08'42.15" W103°06'12.84" 3280 UTC-7(-6DT)
H-1D, L-9D-11A
SERVICE - LGT - PAPI not on cont, ctc twr. JASU - (AM32A-95) (A/M32A-86) FUEL - J8
FLUID - SP LPOX LOX-48 hr PN rqr. OIL - O-132-133-148 TRAN ALERT - Svc avbl
1500-0300Z++ wkd; 1500-2300Z++ Sat; 1900-2300Z++ Sun, clsd hol. No svc avbl outside
of publ svc hr. No fleet svc avbl.
REMARKS - RSTD - All acft maint at or abv 7700' and 2000' horizontal separation in the
immed vcnty of Mt. Rushmore. PPR, ctc Base OPS DSN 675-1052/2861, fax extn 1053 or
C605-385-XXXX. PPR all full stop and tran acft, ctc Base OPS. CAUTION - Hi potential for
mid-air collision exists with acft fr Rapid City Arpt lctd aprx 6.5 NM SE of arpt. When on
visual apch to Rwy 31 exer extreme caution for civ hi ints prk lot lgt lctd 6600' fr end of rwy
and in line with apch lgt sys. Bird haz - migratory bird act Aug-Nov and Mar-May, sfc to
5000' AGL. TFC PAT - Rectangular 4500', overhead 5000'. Avoid ovft of base proper when
cir to ldg. MISC - Inbd VIP code 6 or hi, ctc Raymond 33 15 min prior to block time with
name, rank and purpose of visit. See AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Rmk.
COMMUNICATIONS - SFA PTD - 372.2 ATI S - Opr 1200-0500Z++ Mon-Fri. 269.9
APP - (R) (E) 119.5 259.1 REMARKS: Basic Radar svc 25 NM out. TWR - (E) 126.05 253.5
236.6 GND - 121.8 275.8 DEP - (R) 119.5 396.0 COMD POST - 311.0 321.0 REMARKS:
(Call Raymond 33) (HAVE QUICK timing avbl 287.7) PMSV METRO - 375.2 REMARKS: Full
svc avbl dur afld opr hr (see NOTAM), ltd svc OT. Remote briefing svc avbl Scott AFB 15
OWS DSN 576-9755, C618-256-9755. FSS-HURON HON-NOTAM RCA
(B) RWY-13 L2,5,8,11,50 (13497x300 CON PCN 123 R/A/X/T) L2,5,8,11,50 RWY-31?AIRPORT/FACILITY DIRECTORY B-199
NAVAIDS - RAPID CITY VORTAC - HA 112.300 RAP CH 70 N43°58'33.76" W103°00'44.33"
329° 10.9 NM to Fld. 3150/(A)13°0.0'E ELLSWORTH TACAN - L RCA CH 25
N44°08'20.38" W103°06'06.33" At Fld. 3200/(A)11°0.0'E No-NOTAM MP: 1330-1630Z++
TACAN unuse 010°-020° byd 20 NM blw 10,000'