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MOUNTAIN HOME AFB, ID KMUO AF N43°02'36.96" W115°52'20.72" 2996
UTC-7(-6DT) H-1B, L-7B-9A
SERVICE - LGT - Rwy 12-30 PAPI unuse byd 5° fr rwy cntrline. Rwy 12-30 ILS and PAPI RRP
not coincidental. Rwy 12-30 ALSF-1 nstd configuration, first cntrline bar missing at thld,
cntr 70' rwy thld lgt missing. Thld lgt gated for ftr acft. A-GEAR - Rwy 12-30 BAK-12 in
raised posn, req 30 min PN for removal. JASU - 2(AM32A-60) FUEL - J8 FLUID - LHOX
LOX De-ice. OIL - O-148-156 JOAP TRAN ALERT - Opr hr vary based on lcl wg flying.
(B) RWY-07 (10000x500 ASP) RWY-25
RWY-12 L2,5,11,50 (13500x200 PEM
S155 T200 ST175 TT330
PCN 48 R/B/W/T)
L2,5,11,50 RWY-30
REMARKS - See NOTAM for dly opr hr. Opr hr non-cont and vary based on lcl wg flying.
RSTD - Dep acft rstd to 4300' til passing dep end of rwy. PPR only exc VIP Code 6 or abv,
AIREVAC and SAAM. All acft must adhere to PPR ETA +/- 30 min or PPR is invalid. Ctc Base
OPS DSN 728-2222, C208-828-2222, fax extn 4128. Rwy 07-25 clsd. CAUTION - Hvy
concentrations of migratory waterfowl spring and fall, but can occur any time. TFC PAT -Overhead
4800'. Rectangular 4300', lgt acft/copter 3800'. NS ABTMT - Comd quiet hr
policy in eff 0530-1300Z++. CSTMS/AG/IMG - CSTMS avbl, rqr 24 hr PN. MISC - First
1000' Rwy 12-30 concrete, mid 11,500' asphaltic concrete. See FLIP AP/1 Supplementary
Arpt Rmk. Acft carry drag chutes to prk or advs twr. All classified material must be stored
at Wg Comd Post. Std USAF RSRS applied.
COMMUNICATIONS - PTD - 138.9 372.2 ATI S - 273.5 APP - (R) (E) 124.8 259.1
TWR - (E) 133.85 253.5 GND - 120.5 275.8 DEP - 371.2 CLNC DEL - 127.1 373.0
ACC COMD POST - 381.3 15091 REMARKS: (HAVE QUICK timing avbl 311.0) (RAYMOND
27) PMSV METRO - (Full svc 1000-0600Z++ wkd, ltd svc wkend, hol and OT.) 342.5
NAVAIDS - MOUNTAIN HOME VORW - L 114.900 MUO N42°58'57.62" W115°46'27.31"
294° 5.7 NM to Fld. 2990/(A)18°0.0'E MOUNTAIN HOME TACAN - L MUO CH 87
N43°02'25.87" W115°52'28.67" At Fld. 3000/(A)18°0.0'E Unmto when clsd. No-NOTAM
MP: 0900-1230Z++ Wed.
ILS/RADAR - ILS - BC unuse. Unmto when clsd. No-NOTAM MP 0900-1230Z++