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SHAW AFB, SC KSSC AF N33°58'22.56" W80°28'22.30" 242 UTC-5(-4DT)
H-4I-6F, L-20F-27B
SERVICE - LGT - Rwy 04L VASI RRP not coincidental with ILS RPI. Rwy 22R VASI RRP not
coincidental with ILS RPI. Rwy 04L nstd ALSF-1 len 2300'. A-GEAR - Nml BAK-12
configuration: apch end down, dep end up. Call twr for other configurations, BAK-12 apch
end avbl 20 min PN. All BAK-12 are extn. JASU - 2(M32A-60) 2(A/M32A-86) FUEL - J8
FLUID - SOAP SP PRESAIR LPOX LOX OIL - O-128-133-148 TRAN ALERT - No fleet svc
avbl. Exp 2-3 hr svc/refuel delays wkends, hol and peak periods; ltd maint.
REMARKS - Opr 1100-0330Z++ Mon-Thu; 1100-0030Z++ Fri; 1500-2300Z++ Sat, Sun and
hol . RSTD - ACC quiet hr in eff 0330-1100Z++. PPR, 24 hr PN rqr, ctc Base OPS dur opr hr
DSN 965-2356, C803-895-2357, fax 2360. Issued PPR valid 1 hr +/- ETA, early/late arr/dep
must re-coord. 24 hr PN rqr for CSTMS and agriculture. Trans acft ctc twr prior to exiting
rwy. CAUTION - Tran pilots will not climb abv 1000' on dep dur VFR cond til clear of arpt
bdry unless specifically cleared to do so by ATC. Specific taxi instr for hvy acft ctc GND
CON. TFC PAT - Rectangular 1500', overhead 2000'. MISC - See FLIP AP/1
Supplementary Arpt Rmk. Tran acft do not retain dragchute for taxi back. Ctc GND CON
for chute drop instr. Ftr acft exp reduced rwy separation DAY, VFR-3000' btn similar acft,
6000' btn dissimilar acft. Variations exist for different type opr. Tran ftr acft must notify twr
on initial ctc if reduced rwy separation is not desired. Wx obsn sfc vis ltd 1/16 SM SW-NE.
(B) RWY-04L L2,5,11,43 (10010x150 CON
S85 T116 ST175 SBTT576 TT345 TDT7
45 DDT745 PCN 75 R/A/X/T)
L2,5,11,43 RWY-22R
HOOK BAK-9(B) (45' OVRN) HOOK BAK-12(B) (1457')
HOOK BAK-12(B) (1457') HOOK BAK-9(B) (45' OVRN)
RWY-04R L2,5,11,43 (8000x150 CON
S36 T89 ST130 SBTT351 TT236
TDT529 DDT490 PCN 37 R/B/X/T)
L2,5,11,43 RWY-22L
?HOOK E5 (75' OVRN) HOOK BAK-12(B) (1210')
COMMUNICATIONS - SFA PTD - 372.2 ATI S - Opr 1100-0330Z++ Mon-Thu;
1100-0030Z++ Fri; 1500-2300Z++ Sat, Sun and hol. 132.125 270.1 REMARKS: 132.125
270.1 APP DEP CON - OT ctc JACKSONVILLE CENTER 127.4 269.55.- (R) (E) 125.4
118.85 327.3 358.3 (118.85 358.3 100 deg -259 deg ) (125.4 327.3 260 deg -099 deg )
REMARKS: Class C Airspace TWR - (E) 126.65 348.4 GND - 126.1 275.8
CLNC DEL - 121.8 289.4 COMD POST - 381.3 398.1 REMARKS: (RAYMOND 26)(HAVE
QUICK timing avbl) PMSV METRO - 342.5 REMARKS: Full svc avbl 1100-0200Z++ wkd;
1500-2300Z++ wkd and hol; ltd svc OT. Full svc hr vary with lcl flying sked. Wx briefing
DSN 965-2362. (Remote Briefing svc avbl fr CHARLESTON METRO 344.6) 342.5
NAVAIDS - SHAW TACAN - L SSC CH 38 N33°58'40.17" W80°27'58.40" At Fld.
241/(A)5°0.0'W No-NOTAM MP: 1000-1200Z++ Thu.
ILS/RADAR - ILS - No-NOTAM MP: Rwy 22R-1000-1200Z++ Mon; Rwy 04L-1000-1200Z++
TACAN unuse 126°-184° byd 10 NM blw 4000'
150°-175° byd 25 NM blw 5000'
261°-345° byd 10 NM blw 4000'
295°-325° byd 25 NM blw 5000'