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HILL AFB, UT KHIF AF N41°07'26.18" W111°58'22.94" 4789 UTC-7(-6DT)
SERVICE - LGT - PAPI RRP and ILS RPI not coincidental. A-GEAR - BAK-12 dep end active
rwy in raised posn, 15 min (30 min non-duty hr) PN rqr to erect on apch end of act rwy.
BAK-12/14 O/R fr twr. JASU - 4(MA-1A) 7(A/M32A-86) 5(AM32A-60) FUEL - J8 FLUID -SP
PRESAIR LHOX LOX OIL - O-128-133-148-156 SOAP TRAN ALERT - De-icing avbl all
acft. Ltd fleet svc avbl (lavatory only) 24 hr PN.
REMARKS - Opr 1500-0500Z++ Mon-Thu; 1500-0100Z++ Fri; 1700-0100Z++ wkend and
hol. RSTD - Lifeguard/MEDEVAC/SAR/Msn essential acft ctc Base OPS DSN 777-1861,
C801-777-1861 fax extn 2221 as soon as possible prior to arr to ensure coord will be
completed. VIP acft ctc PTD 30 min prior to ETA with firm block time. CAUTION - Hvy
airline and civ tfc on apch and dep. Strict adherence to ATC alt and hdg mandatory. Exp
turbulence apch and ldg Rwy 14 dur med to hi sfc winds. Wind velocity may vary fr apch to
dep end of rwy. See CAUTION - FLIP AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Rmk. Do not mistake
Ogden Arpt 4.5 NM N for Hill AFB. Acft dep should not exceed 6300' til past dep end of
rwy to avoid overhead tfc pat. TFC PAT - Rectangular 6300', overhead 6800', maint 6800'
til turning base leg. USAF (AF, ANG, AFRC, AETC) ftr acft exp reduced rwy separation day,
VFR-3000' btn similar acft, 6000' btn dissimilar acft. Variations exist for different type opr.
Tran ftr acft must notify twr on initial ctc if reduced rwy separation is not desired. NS
ABTMT - Strict adherence to NS ABTMT rqr. See FLIP AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Rmk. Tran
acft (exc AETC acft) rstd to full stop only on wkend, hol or btn 2400-1400Z++ wkd.
MISC - First 1500' Rwy 14 and first 1000' Rwy 32 concrete, middle 11,000' asphalt sfc. For
UTTR OPS See CLOVER CONTROL. Base OPS opr 1400-0500Z++ Mon-Thu;
1400-0100Z++ Fri; 1630-0100Z++ wkend. Class D Airspace eff 1300-0500Z++. Wx fcst svc
avbl 1400-0500Z++, obsn avbl H24.
COMMUNICATIONS - SFA PTD - 122.85 371.95 ATI S - 134.925 396.0
SALT LAKE CITY APP - (R) (E) 121.1 124.9 126.0 126.8 135.5 SEE REMARKS REMARKS:
257.875 290.3 307.2 316.15 316.7 319.25 Class B Airspace TWR - 127.15 263.15 251.05
GND - 121.6 275.8 SALT LAKE CITY DEP - (R) (E) 121.1 124.9 126.8 290.3 319.25 SEE
REMARKS REMARKS: 381.2 CLNC DEL - 124.1 335.8 HILL COMD POST - 381.3
REMARKS: (Unuse 010°-100° byd 20 NM blw FL 200, 101°-150° byd 25 NM blw 15,000')(Wx
obsn not fully rpt 120°-260°). FOURONE NINE OPS-Opr 1500-2300Z++ Mon-Sat.
NAVAIDS - OGDEN VORTACW - L 115.700 OGD CH 104 N41°13'26.70" W112°05'53.69"
123° 8.3 NM to Fld. 4220/(A)14°0.0'E HILL TACAN - L HIF CH 49 N41°07'13.80"
W111°57'49.15" At Fld. 4800/(A)14°0.0'E No-NOTAM MP: 1300-1500Z++ Thu.
(B) RWY-14 L2,5,9,10,50 (13500x200 PEM
S155 T330 ST175 TT560
PCN 99 R/B/W/T)
L5,9,42,50 RWY-32
BAK-14 BAK-12(B) (1250') HOOK BAK-12(B) (2574')
HOOK BAK-12(B) (2584') BAK-14 BAK-12(B) (1250')
OGD TACAN az unuse 255°-280° byd 30 NM blw 11,000'
355°-130° byd 15 NM
OGD VOR unuse 030°-070° byd 25 NM blw 17,000'
070°-130° byd 15 NM
HIF TACAN unuse 360°-120° byd 5 NM
120°-135° byd 10 NM
330°-360° byd 22 NM