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NELLIS AFB, NV KLSV AF N36°14'08.90" W115°02'04.02" 1868 UTC-8(-7DT)
SERVICE - LGT - Rwy 03R-21L apch lgt nstd ALSF-1; thld lgt gated, cntrline lgt missing one
barrette next to thld, trml bar cntr lgt red. A-GEAR - BAK-12 extn and in raised posn, rqr
15 min PN for removal. MA-1A and BAK-9 avbl with 30 min PN. JASU - No starter unit or
starting capability for F4b, F4J acft. No starter probe for USN acft. 2(MA-1A) FUEL - J8
FLUID - W-exp 2-3 hr delay. SP PRESAIR LHOX LOX OIL - O-123-128-132-133-148-156
SOAP TRAN ALERT - Opr 1430-0630Z++, no quick turn Fri-Sun. Tran acft must arr/dep no
later than 0600Z++. All dep must be prior to 1900Z++; all arr must land after 2100Z++ on
wkend and hol. No mil fleet svc avbl, ltd tran svc avbl. Fleet svc is avbl fr Signature Flt
Support C702-739-1100, 48 hr PN rqr. Progressive taxi avbl.
REMARKS - RSTD - PPR all exc Distinguished Visitor-7 or abv and emerg AIREVAC, PPR
issued 1430-0630Z++. Acft must adhere to PPR arr block +/- 60 min of sked ldg. Extv Large
Force Exer (LFE) act. PPR arr not auth dur Red/Green Flag (RF) or LFE launch/recovery
periods. No PPR arr dur ngt RF/LFE opr. Multi apch not auth dur RF/LFE or after offl SS
unless apv by 57 WG SOF. PPR's may be obtained up to 7 days prior to planned arr. Req for
addn acft fr a base that has met the max allowed (4) will be accepted 3 days prior to sked
arr. During RF/LFE periods, PPR's may be req up to 7 days prior to arr but issued no earlier
than 24 hr prior to planned arr. RF participants ctc RF OPS DSN 682-3370, RF airlift ctc RF
LG DSN 682-2713, all others ctc Base OPS DSN 682-4600/01, C702-652-4600. Sun and hol
tfc exp arr fr N, dep N winds perm with tfc pat towards E (Sunrise Mt). Acft with VIP 7 or hi
ctc ACC Comd Post or PTD when 100 NM out. Opr rstd dur Bird Watch Cond MODERATE
(tkof or ldg perm only when dep and arr avoid ident bird act, no lcl IFR/VFR tfc pat act) and
SEVERE (tkof and ldg proh wo OG/CC or designated offl apvl). CAUTION - Steeply rising
terrain S and E of cntrline Rwy 03R-21L. Rwy 03L-21R has hi potential for hydroplaning. 200'
cranes N of dep end Rwy 03L. TFC PAT - Rgt tfc Rwy 21. Rectangular 3000'; overhead
3500'. Acft dep will not climb abv 3000' til past the dep end of rwy. NS ABTMT - ACC
quiet hr policy in eff 0630-1400Z++. MISC - First 1320' Rwy 21R and first 920' Rwy 03L
concrete. Mid 7879' Rwy 03L-21R cntr 80' grooved concrete, balance asphalt. Ftr acft exp
reduced rwy separation day, VFR; 3000' btn similar acft, 6000' btn dissimilar acft. Variations
exist for different type opr. Tran ftr acft must notify twr on initial ctc if reduced rwy
separation is not desired. Rwy 21R dep end moon mrk N/A.
COMMUNICATIONS - SFA PTD - 372.2 REMARKS: (Unrel; 085° -155° byd 35 NM at FL
200, 315° -005° byd 40 NM at FL 2 00, 230° -290° byd 55 NM at FL 200.)
ATI S - 270.1 APP - (R) (E) 124.95 273.55 TWR - (E) 132.55 327.0 GND - 121.8 275.8
DEP - (R) (E) 135.1 352.8 CLNC DEL - 120.9 289.4 ACC COMD POST - 320.0 381.3
REMARKS: (Raymond 22) 381.3 (have quick timing avbl) 320.0 ALCE AMC - Opr only dur
RED FLAG deployment/chg over/redeployment and other exer. 257.35 259.95
PMSV METRO - 344.6 REMARKS: PMSV unrel; 085° -155° byd 35 NM at or blw FL 200,
315° -005° byd 40 NM at or blw FL 200, 230° -290° byd 55 NM at or blw FL 200.
NAVAIDS - LAS VEGAS VORTACW - HA 116.900 LAS CH 116 N36°04'46.90"
W115°09'35.29" 020° 11.2 NM to Fld. 2141/(A)15°0.0'E NELLIS TACAN - L LSV CH 12
N36°14'40.90" W115°01'30.00" At Fld. 1862/(A)15°0.0'E No-NOTAM MP:
(B) RWY-03L L5,50 (10119x200 CON
S70 T150 ST175 TT280 TDT840
PCN 44 R/B/X/T)
L5,50 RWY-21R
?MA-1A CHAG (100' OVRN) HOOK BAK-9(B) (40' OVRN) HOOK BAK-12(B) (1210')
HOOKBAK-12(B)(1452')HOOK BAK-9(B)(42' OVRN)MA-1A CHAG (100' OVRN)?
RWY-03R L2,5,11,50 (10051x150 CON
S130 T225 ST175 TT360 TDT800)
L2,5,11,50 RWY-21L
?MA-1A CHAG (98'OVRN)HOOK BAK-9(B)(37' OVRN)HOOKBAK-12(B)(1225')
HOOKBAK-12(B)(1209')HOOK BAK-9(B)(42' OVRN)MA-1A CHAG (107' OVRN)?
LAS VORTAC unuse 025°-160° byd 20 NM blw 6000'
160°-200° byd 20 NM blw 9000'
200°-220° byd 15 NM blw 9000'
200°-025° byd 25 NM blw 11,000'
220°-245° byd 35 NM blw 15,000'
245°-260° byd 35 NM blw 14,500'
260°-275° byd 35 NM blw 14,000'
275°-310° byd 35 NM blw 16,500'?B-446 AIRPORT/FACILITY DIRECTORY
ILS/RADAR - ILS - No MM. No-NOTAM MP: ILS 1400-1600Z++ Wed. RADAR - SEE
LSV TACAN unuse 360°-020° byd 20 NM blw 8000'
360°-020° byd 26 NM blw 12,000'
020°-035° byd 30 NM blw 8000'
035°-080° byd 20 NM
080°-155° byd 5 NM blw 10,000'
080°-155° byd 15 NM
285°-350° byd 20 NM blw 11,000'
285°-350° byd 25 NM blw 15,000'
285°-350° byd 33 NM
350°-360° byd 20 NM blw 9000'
350°-360° byd 26 NM blw 15,000'