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OFFUTT AFB, NE KOFF AF N41°07'06.00" W95°54'44.99" 1048 UTC-6(-5DT)
H-1E-3F, L-11C
SERVICE - LGT - Rwy 12-30 nstd ALSF-1 apch lgt terminating 1000' prior to displ ldg thld.
Rwy 30 PAPI RRP not coincidental with ILS GS. JASU - (M32A-86) (AM32A-95) FUEL - J8
1300-2400Z++ wkd; clsd wkend and hol; tran acft not allowed when tran alert not avbl. Hgr
space unavbl. Fleet svc and potable water avbl O/R with 24 hr PN. Exp delays of up to 2 hr
or more.
REMARKS - RSTD - PPR all acft, ctc Base OPS. Quiet hr policy in eff. Acft with distinguished
visitors ctc PTD at least 30 min prior to ETA and when 40 NM out. CAUTION - Displ ldg
thld. Rwy 12 0.7 percent downgrade, hi embankment apch end turbulence and hi variable
crosswinds dur S to SW sfc winds. Extv lgt acft opr when cros Millard arpt dur apch Rwy 12.
Land byd green lgt bars. Dist remaining mrk indicate dist remaining for ldg roll out and are
to end of concrete. Bird haz, see FLIP AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Rmk. TFC PAT - VFR
rectangular 2500'; overhead 3000'; all pat S of rwy cntrline. Overhead tfc remain within 5
NM. NS ABTMT - See AP/1 Chapter 3. Strict adherence req. CSTMS/AG/IMG - Avbl only
for special project acft upon apvl of Base Comdr. Acft arr fr foreign areas incl CSTMS rqr in
rmk sec of flt plan and confirm ETA and PAX on board 1 hr prior arr. Rpt total PAX on board
and provide breakdown of PAX to incl Nr of US mil, US civ, foreign mil, and foreign civ.
MISC - Rwy 12 - 10,600' avbl tkof, Rwy 30 - 10,700' avbl tkof. Rwy grooved. Use cntr 150'
of rwy, 75' edges not stressed for acft over 100,000 lb. Mid-fld wind info avbl thru twr. See
FLIP AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Rmk. Base OPS DSN 271-3207/3240, C402-294-3207/3240,
fax DSN 272-4175, C402-232-4175.
COMMUNICATIONS - SFA PTD - 372.2 ATI S - Opr 1100-0600Z++. 126.025 273.5
OMAHA APP DEP - (R) 118.0 120.1 124.5 263.0 363.8 (120.1 363.8 W sctr) (124.5 263.0 E
sctr) REMARKS: (Class C Airspace 20 NM out on sctr freq) TWR - (E) 123.7 348.4
GND - 121.7 275.8 COMD POST - 311.0 321.0 REMARKS: (RAYMOND 21)
PMSV METRO - 342.5 A G-REMARKS: See Global HF Systems listing in FIH.
NAVAIDS - OFFUTT TACAN - L OFF CH 54 N41°07'02.00" W95°54'00.04" At Fld.
1039/(A)5°0.0'E No-NOTAM MP: 1300-1500Z++ Thu.
ILS/RADAR - ILS - BC unuse. No-NOTAM MP: ILS 1300-1500Z++ Mon-Tue. RADAR - SEE