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LUKE AFB, AZ KLUF AF N33°32'06.00" W112°22'59.02" 1090 UTC-7 H-2C, L-4E
SERVICE - LGT - PAPI GS 2. 5° with TD pt 950' past thld on all rwy. A-GEAR - Rwy 03L-21R
BAK-12 in raised posn with 8 pt tie-downs. Rwy 03R-21L dep end BAK-12 in raised posn.
Rwy 03R-21L apch end BAK-12 in raised posn with 30 min PN. MA-1A not avbl. FUEL -J8.
FLUID - SP PRESAIR LPOX LOX OIL - O-128-Packaged only, rqr hand transfer;
133-148-156 SOAP TRAN ALERT - Ltd tran prk. Exp up to 4 hr svc delay. No follow me svc
avbl. No fleet svc avbl.
(B) RWY-03L L5,50,53 (10000x150 ASP S57 T99 ST126 TT328
PCN 41 R/C/W/T)
L5,50,53 RWY-21R
HOOK BAK-9(B) (27' OVRN) HOOK BAK-12(B) (1500')
HOOK BAK-12(B) (1422') HOOK BAK-9(B) (45' OVRN)
RWY-03R L5,50,53 (9909x150 CON
S60 T110 ST140 SBTT590 TT345
TDT770 PCN 64 R/B/W/T)
L5,50,53 RWY-21L
?MA-1A CHAG (745' OVRN) HOOK BAK-9(B) (45' OVRN) HOOK BAK-12(B) (1451')
REMARKS - Opr 1 Apr-30 Sep 1330-0400Z wkd; 1500-2300Z wkend; clsd hol. Opr 1 Oct-31
Mar 1400-0400Z wkd; 1500-2300Z wkend; clsd hol. RSTD - PPR all acft exc AIREVAC msn,
ctc Base OPS DSN 896-7131. Acft must adhere to PPR arr block time+/- 30 min of sked ldg.
Tran acft will make full stop ldg dur lcl trng period. Min 24 hr advance coord for acft with
GWT of 135,000 lb or more. No lcl sorties will be flown out of LUF by tran acft. Rwy
03L-21R ltd to C141 GWT 239,000 lb and C135 GWT 270,000 lb. AV-8 acft may not conduct
hover ldg 1400-0100Z wkd wo specific perms of Luke Twr. All acft will file a flt plan prior to
dep. OFFL BUS ONLY 10 Jul 00 - 7 Nov 00, due rwy const. CAUTION - Extv stu jet tfc.
Pilots should use extreme caution when flying Rwy 03 and 21 final apch crs due to VFR
flyways. Hi potential for hydroplaning on both rwy dur wet cond. No twy lgt on Twy F, day
VFR use only, and clsd to ftr and acft larger than C130. Numerous obst sur arpt are not
properly mrk or lgtd as obst. TFC PAT - Overhead 300 KIAS, 3000' til 5 DME then 2600'.
Rwy 03 left tfc, Rwy 21 rgt tfc. Convl 2100'. Rwy 03 left tfc with base leg posn to avoid
Phoenix-Goodyear Arpt Tfc Area 4 NM S. Rwy 21 rgt tfc with base leg outside hsg area 1
NM E. NS ABTMT - Extremely noise sensitive area 5 NM NE. MISC - First 1000' Rwy
03L-21R concrete, mid 8000' asphalt. See FLIP AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Rmk. Four eng
acft will, if auth, shut-down outboard eng prior to taxi after ldg. KC135 or larger acft exp
back taxi pro after ldg Rwy 21L & 21R. Class D Airspace eff 1330-0400Z wkd; 1500-2300Z
wkend; OT Class E. Base OPS opr 1 Apr-30 Sep 1300-0400Z wkd; 1430-2300Z wkend; clsd
hol. Opr 1 Oct-31 Mar 1330-0400Z wkd; 1430-2300Z wkend; clsd hol. COMSEC not avbl.
PAX svc not avbl .
COMMUNICATIONS - PTD - 372.2 ATI S - 134.925 269.9 APP DEP - OT ctc
ALBUQUERQUE CENTER 128.45 298.9. (R) (E) 120.5 125.45 301.5 391.2 (125.45 391.2 blw
6500 ft.) (120.5 301.5 6500 ft. and abv.) TWR - (E) 119.1 379.7 GND - 121.4 335.8
CLNC DEL - 119.8 395.0 COMD POST - 381.3 REMARKS: (RAYMOND 18)
PMSV METRO - 375.2 REMARKS: Opr 1 Apr-30 Sep 1100-0600Z wkd; 1300-2300Z wkend;
clsd hol. Opr 1 Oct-31 Mar 1100-0700Z wkd; 1300-2300Z wkend; clsd hol.
NAVAIDS - LUKE TACAN - L LUF CH 77 N33°32'15.61" W112°22'48.71" At Fld.
1100/(A)13°0.0'E No-NOTAM MP: 1100-1300Z Wed. Opr1330-0530Z dly, monitored by
LUF RAPCON dur opr hr.
ILS/RADAR - ILS - HI-ILS Rwy 21L Cat 4 acft TCH: 15. BC unuse. No-NOTAM MP: 1200-1400Z
TACAN unuse 130°-160° byd 29 NM blw 9000'
235°-305° byd 19 NM blw 8000'
235°-305° byd 27 NM blw 12,000'
235°-305° byd 38 NM
305°-320° byd 34 NM blw 8000'