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MOODY AFB, GA KVAD AF N30°58'04.72" W83°11'34.56" 235 UTC-5(-4DT)
H-4I-5D, L-18G-19A
SERVICE - LGT - Rwy 18L PAPI TD 800', Rwy 36L PAPI TD 931', Rwy 18R PAPI TD 941', Rwy
36R PAPI TD 957'. All rwy thld lgt, mid 70' removed. Rwy 18L-36R PAPI and ILS GS not
coincidental. A-GEAR - Rwy 18R-36L apch end BAK-12 avbl with 30 min PN, dep end
BAK-12 in place. Rwy 18L-36R apch and dep end BAK-12 in place. JASU - (A/M32A-86)
(MA-1A)(MC-1)(M32A-60)(M32A-60A) FUEL - J8, J8+100 FLUID - SP LPOX LOX OIL -O-
133-148 SOAP TRAN ALERT - Exp 3 hr svc/reful delays, ltd maint. No fleet svc avbl. No
hgr space avbl. Tran maint svc opr 1300- 0600Z++ Mon-Thu; 1300-0300Z++ Fri;
1400-2200Z++ Sat; clsd Sun and Federal hol. Nml clsd 1st Sat mthly.
REMARKS - Opr 1300-0600Z++ Mon-Fri; 1400-2200Z++ Sat, clsd Sun and hol. RSTD - Clsd
to public. PPR all tran acft. Tran acft ltd to 1 lcl flt. For PPR ctc Base OPS DSN
460-3305/3306/1749, C912-257-3305/3306/1749, fax extn 4664. Tran VIP acft ctc PTD 30
min prior to ETA. Assault zone rstd for 347 Wg C130 acft only. Prk fac ltd to 65,000 lb SWL.
C5, C17 acft rstd to lo apch or full stop ldg only. Tran acft can exp min or no practice apch
dur wg flying. Afld nml clsd 1st Sat mthly to facilitate maint. Ltd tran prk. Tran acft can exp
ltd or no practice apch and delays on IFR arr/dep when R3008 is act; ctc 347 Wg sked at
DSN 460-4544/4892, C912-257-4544/4892 for deconfliction. CAUTION - Tran dep with
rapid climb use extreme caution, overhead tfc pat 2200' in cont use. Simultaneous opr in
use to Rwy 18 or 36 when R-3008 in use. When able hvy acft should land byd apch end
BAK-12 cable. Hvy concentration of cattle egret birds in vcnty of afld Jun-Aug, Bird Watch
Cond chg freq. 130' AGL unlgtd ant 3.5 NM due S of Rwy 36R. TFC PAT - USAF, ANG
and AFRC ftr acft exp reduced rwy separation, similar type acft and day - 3000', dissimilar
type acft/ngt - 6000'. Tran ftr acft must notify twr on initial ctc if reduced rwy separation in
not desired. NS ABTMT - Quiet hr 0330-1130Z++. MISC - Class D Airspace eff
1300-0600Z++ wkd, 1400-2200Z++ Sat, exc Fed Hol, OT Class E. First 1800' Rwy 18R-36L
concrete, mid 4400' concrete/asphalt, cntr 75' concrete, edge 37.5' wide asphalt. Due to
ltd space, COMSEC stor will be provided at 347 Wg COMD POST DSN 460-3501. See FLIP
AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Rmk. Rwy 18L-36R have nstd rwy mrk, with assault strip shown.
COMMUNICATIONS - SFA PTD - 139.3 227.2 ATIS - Opr 1300-0600Z++ Mon-Fri, DSN
460-5930. 273.5 VALDOSTA APP - SEE REMARKS (R) (E) 119.525 126.6 259.3 285.6
(119.525 259.3 8000' and abv) (126.6 285.6 7000' and blw) REMARKS: Opr 1300-0600Z++
Mon-Fri; 1400-2200Z++ Sat; 1400-2200Z++ Sun and Federal hol, OT ctc JACKSONVILLE
CENTER 125.95 379.2.(127.925 233.7 Moody Arr.) TWR - (E) 128.45 257.625
GND - 120.625 275.8 VALDOSTA DEP - SEE REMARKS (E) 126.6 306.3 REMARKS: Opr
1300-0600Z++ Mon-Fri; 1400-2200Z++ Sat; 1400-2200Z++ Sun and Federal hol, OT ctc
Full svc 0800Z Mon-0400Z++ Fri exc hol, ltd svc OT. Full svc hr often altered to coincide
with lcl flying sked. Remote briefing avbl fr Shaw AFB, SC, METRO avbl via fone patch fr
347WG COMD POST DSN 460-3501. SOF - 143.825 305.6 ACC COMD POST - 381.3
(B) RWY-18LL2,5,11,50,55 (9300x150 CON
S81 T122 ST175 TT335 SBTT570 TDT
840 TRT580 PCN 52 R/B/W/T)
E5 (125' OVRN) HOOK BAK-12(B) (1100') HOOK BAK-12(B) (1500') E5 (125' OVRN)
RWY-18RL2,5,15,50 (8000x150 PEM
S81 T122 ST175 TT300 SBTT515 TDT8
40 TRT545 PCN 45 R/B/W/T)
E5 (125' OVRN) HOOK BAK-12(B) (1500') HOOK BAK-12(B) (1500') E5 (125' OVRN)?B-432 AIRPORT/FACILITY DIRECTORY
NAVAIDS - MOODY TACAN - HA VAD CH 80 N30°58'06.73" W83°11'35.54" At Fld.
224/(A)3°0.0'W Unmto 0600Z-1300Z++ Mon-Fri; 2200-1400Z++ Sat, Sun and Federal hol.
No-NOTAM MP: 110-1300Z++ wkd.
ILS/RADAR - ILS - Rwy 18L and 36R BC unuse. Unmto 0600-1300Z++ Mon-Fri
2200-1400Z++ Sat, Sun and Federal hol. No-NOTAM MP 1100-1300Z++ wkd.  RADAR -
No-NOTAM MP 0500-1045Z++ wkd.