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LANGLEY AFB, VA KLFI AF (NASA A) N37°04'58.37" W76°21'37.97" 11 UTC-5(-4DT)
H-4I-6H, L-22H-27D
SERVICE - LGT - Rwy 08-26 VASI GS not coincident with ILS GS. Rwy 08-26, thld lgt, mid 70'
inop. A-GEAR - MA-1A MOD opr manually. BAK-12(B) pendant cable always in place.
BAK-12s-extn. JASU - 2(M32A-60) 2(MC-11) 4(A/M 32A-86) FUEL - J8 FLUID - SOAP SP
LHOX LOX OIL - O-133-148-156 TRAN ALERT - Opr 1100-0430Z++ wkd, 1200-0100Z++
wkend, hol, and Wg down day. No Follow Me svc avbl. Exp progressive taxi to prk.
REMARKS - RSTD - PPR 24 hr DSN 574-2504. Clsd 1300-2100Z++ 2nd Sat ea month, only 1
F/W acft auth fr 1200-1300Z++. See FLIP AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Rmk for twy rstd.
CAUTION - Ints IFR and VFR hi performance ftr tfc within the Class D Airspace: Extv unctl
general avn tfc blw 3000' over James River and Chesapeake Bay. Dep tfc do not exceed
1000' on climbout til dep end of rwy. Bldg 32' hi 1900' fr thld Rwy 26. Laser lgt beam haz
to drct visual obsn will be conducted at NASA Langley Research Cntr within 1/2 NM rad of
37°06.3'N 76°22.7'W. Strong caution is advs. Laser beam may be injurious to pilots/PAX
eyes within all alt of lgt source. Ck NOTAM for date/time/duration/affected alt. Wx obsn
site ltd 080°-250° due to bldg ; Rwy 26 partially and Rwy 08 partially to totally rstd fr view
due to prk acft; ngt obsn ltd due to hi intst security lgt. Dep Rwy 26, close in obst (trees)
are lctd 150' left of cntrline and 0.5 NM fr the dep end of the run, 106'. Wind shear cond
may exist on Rwy 26 thru short final and TD, that are prevalent, undetectable and often
unrpt. Increased potential for hydroplaning due to excessive rubber build-up. ALS
non-frangible. TFC PAT - Overhead 3000' at 5 DME descending to 1500' by 3 DME, rgt
break Rwy 26, left break Rwy 08. Rectangular 1000' rgt tfc Rwy 26, left tfc Rwy 08. NS
ABTMT - See FLIP AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Rmk. Quiet hr 0330-1100Z++ wkd,
0330-1300Z++ wkend and hol, waivers DSN 574-5411. CSTMS/AG/IMG - See FLIP AP/1
Supplementary Arpt Rmk. MISC - Wind speed increases down the rwy when ldg or dep
Rwy 08. See FLIP AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Rmk. Base OPS DSN 574-2504, Arpt Mgt DSN
574-2508. DD Form 1801 rqr 90 min prior to ETD. Transport/DV acft ctc Base OPS 20 min
prior to ldg, DV acft ctc Langley Twr 15 NM prior to ldg. See FLIP AP/1 Supplementary
Arpt Rmk. Rwy 08-26 grooved. Std USAF RSRS applied exc for C21/LJ35 acft. A -Prk,
refuel and maint avbl on AF ramp. Acft with firearms call PTD to arng for security.
NASA - All inbd to NASA side must coord in advance with NASA Flt Svc OPS DSN
574-3070, C757-864-3887. Svc not avbl for non-NASA acft. Twy J can only be used dur
SR-SS opr.
COMMUNICATIONS - SFA PTD - 122.9 376.0 ATI S - Opr 1100-0400Z++ wkd. 271.8
NORFOLK APP DEP - (R) (E) 125.7 395.8 124.9 126.05 127.9 SEE REMARKS. REMARKS:
249.9 372.1 379.1 (126.05 372.1 010°-080°) (127.9 249.9 180°-310° ) (124.9 379.1
311°-009°) Class C Airspace TWR - (E) 125.0 253.5 GND - 119.8 275.8
CLNC DEL - 118.85 257.625 CNSOLIDATED CMD POST - 344.8 287.45 REMARKS: Call
RAYMOND 16 (Have quick timing avbl - 287.45) PMSV METRO - 239.8 REMARKS: Wx
DSN 574-7428. NASA OPS - 123.375 310.4
(B) RWY-08 L2,5,11,43 (10000x150 CON PCN 60 R/C/W/T) L2,5,9,14,43 RWY-26
MA-1A E5(B) (55' OVRN) HOOK BAK-12(B) (1100')
NAVAIDS - LANGLEY TACAN - L LFI CH 70 N37°05'08.02" W76°21'33.70" At Fld.
11/(A)10°0.0'W No-NOTAM MP: 1100-1300Z++ Tue and Thu.
ILS/RADAR - ILS - Rwy 08 BC unuse. Lczr unuse byd 25 NM blw 2700'. No-NOTAM
MP:1100-1300Z++ Mon, Wed, Fri.
TACAN unuse 130°-150° byd 22 NM blw 2000'
170°-180° byd 27 NM blw 2000'
305°-318° byd 9 NM blw 7000'
318°-305° byd 30 NM blw 3000'