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MINOT AFB, ND KMIB AF N48°24'56.05" W101°21'27.58" 1668 UTC-6(-5DT)
H-1D, L-10E
SERVICE - LGT - Rwy 11 thld lgt gated. JASU - 9(MD-3A) 2(M32A-60A) (MA-1A) FUEL - J8
FLUID - SP PRESAIR De-Ice-Exp possible delay wkend. LOX LHOX LHNIT OIL -O-
133-148 JOAP - Rqr 2 hr PN wkend. TRAN ALERT - Opr 1230-2230Z++ wkd;
1230-2200Z++ Sat; clsd Sun. No fleet svc avbl.
REMARKS - Opr 1200-0600Z++ Mon-Thu; 1200-0400Z++ Fri; 1500-2300Z++ Sat and hol.
Clsd at 0400Z++ prior hol. Clsd Sun. RSTD - PPR req for full stop arr/dep after TRAN
ALERT hr of opr/sched afld closure. PPR DSN 453-2347, C701-723-2347, fax extn 3637 exc
AIREVAC and SAAM, 48 hr PN rqr. All RON tran crews must ctc Comd Post with billeting
arng. All VIP acft ctc Comd Post no later than 60 NM out. CAUTION - Bird haz, see AP/1
Supplementary Arpt Rmk. Copter VFR opr in eff H24 in designated test area 2300' and blw
lctd N of rwy. TFC PAT - Rectangular 2900', multi-eng jet rgt tfc Rwy 29; overhead 3400',
rgt break Rwy 11. NS ABTMT - ACC quiet hr policy 0430-1200Z++. CSTMS/AG/IMG -CSTMS
avbl for acft arr fr foreign areas, incl rqr in rmk sec of flt plan and reconfirm not later
than 30 min prior to arr on PTD. Incl a PAX breakdown by total Nr of US mil and US civ on
board, when applicable. MISC - Arpt bcn not vis fr the E. Rwy 11-29 and 16-34 grooved.
Class D Airspace eff 1200-0600Z++ Mon-Thu; 1200-0400Z++ Fri; 1500-2300Z++ Sat and
hol; OT Class E.
COMMUNICATIONS - SFA PTD - 372.2 ATIS - Opr dur lcl flying. 375.8 APP - (R) (E)
119.6 363.8 REMARKS: Opr 1200-0600Z++ Mon-Thu;1200-0400Z++ Fri; 1300-0400Z++
Sat, Sun and hol. Clsd at 0400Z++ prior hol; OT ctc MINNEAPOLIS CENTER 127.6 279.6
TWR - (E) 120.65 236.6 253.5 GND - 134.0 275.8 DEP - 119.6 259.1
CLNC DEL - 326.2 COMD POST - 311.0 REMARKS: (Call RAYMOND 12)
PMSV METRO - Wx fcst opr 24 hr. DSN 453-6385, C701-723-6385. 342.5
NAVAIDS - DEERING TACAN - HA MIB CH 96 N48°24'55.35" W101°21'57.98" At Fld.
1668/(A)10°0.0'E No-NOTAM MP: 1300-1500Z++ Wed.
ILS/RADAR - ILS - No-NOTAM MP 1300-1500Z++ Mon, Thu. ILS-DME - 11, 29 RADAR - SEE
(B) RWY-11L2,5,13,50 (13200x300 CON
S81 T122 ST175 SBTT590 TT409 TDT8
37 DDT870 TRT580 PCN 56 R/C/W/T)