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EGLIN AFB, FL KVPS MIL/CIV N30°28'59.70" W86°31'31.44" 85 UTC-6(-5DT)
H-5D, L-18F-19A
SERVICE - A-GEAR - BAK-12 runout 1200'. BAK-9 (B) apch end Rwy 12-30 disconnected on
ldg rwy, avbl 20 min PN. BAK-12 apch end Rwy 01-19 disconnected on ldg rwy, avbl 20 min
PN. JASU - (MD-3) 4(MC-1) (MC-1A) (MA-1A) 2(MA-2) FUEL - J8 FLUID - ADI-Ltd; SP
PRESAIR LHOX LOX OIL - O-128-132-133-148-156 SOAP TRAN ALERT - Opr H24.
Wkend and hol maint capability extremely ltd and may be postponed til next day.
REMARKS - RSTD - PPR 24 hr. Ctc Base OPS DSN 872-5313/5406, C850-882-5313/5406.
PPR apv arr/dep times are strictly enforced due to ltd contract Tran Alert support. Tran acft
arr late exp min 2 hr delay. Tran aircrews rpt late for sked dep exp min 2 hr delay. No lcl or
round-robin flt by tran acft. All AMC or acft with DV code 7 or abv ctc Base OPS 30 min
prior to ldg. Arpt clsd to all acft exc mil and auth air carriers. Tran acft must use flw-me to
prk. CAUTION - Do not mistake twy parl to Rwy 12-30 for rwy. Obst (hgr) 211' lctd aprx
first 1000' E of apch end Rwy 01. Dur VFR possible conflicting tfc. VFR arr/dep ctc Eglin
APP for clnc to enter Eglin corridor SE of Crestview. Unlgtd obst on afld. Hi mid-air
potential, exer extreme vigilance. Destin-Ft Walton Beach (KDTS) is an unctl arpt lctd 6 NM
SE of Eglin AFB. Hi volume of general avn acft. Acft flying within 2 NM of KDTS at or blw
1000' may not be mnt Eglin APP freq. Special Air Tfc Rules-Part 93, see Regulatory Ntc. Hi
volume of Navy T-34 and B-06 trng acft near CEW VORTAC. Non-frangible apch lgt
structures Rwy 01 and 30. Polished concrete on 1st l000' Rwy 12-30 increases potential for
hydroplaning when rwy wet and lo than average BA OT. Unctl veh on movement area.
TFC PAT - Overhead tfc Rwy 19 nml proh. CSTMS/AG/IMG - CSTMS only avbl for Eglin
support msn, 24 hr PN. MISC - See FLIP AP/1 Rte and Area Rstd (Florida-Valparaiso) and
Supplementary Arpt Rmk. Exp extv flt plan filing/dep, refuel and maint delays dur peak
msn periods/wkend. Wkend/hol maint capability extremely ltd and may be postponed til
next duty day. The first 1000' Rwy 12 and the first 1000' Rwy 30 are concrete. The middle
portion, 10,000' of Rwy 12-30, is asphaltic concrete. Base OPS DSN 872-5313. Dep acft
asgn a hdg to fly, shall initiate their turn within 1 NM of dep end of rwy. Std USAF RSRS
1200-0400Z++. 134.625 273.5 APP DEP - SEE REMARKS (R) (E) 133.0 379.15 125.1 132.1
281.45 360.6. (125.1 281.45 271 deg -089 deg ) (132.1 360.6 090 deg -270 deg ) REMARKS:
Opr 1200-0600Z++ wkd; clsd wkend and hol; OT ctc PENSACOLA APP DEP CON on 119.0
286.0. Class D Airspace TWR - (E) 118.2 353.65 GND - 121.8 335.8
CLNC DEL - 127.7 377.2 REMARKS: When APP DEP CON clsd ctc twr on 121.8 335.8 377.2
PMSV METRO - 342.5 REMARKS: Rgnl wx briefing stn 24 hr DSN 872-5224. (Full svc)
NAVAIDS - WARRINGTON TACAN - L DWG CH 2 N30°28'41.65" W86°31'15.12" At Fld.
77/(A)0°0.0'E No-NOTAM MP: 0900-1200Z++ 3rd Mon of Feb and Aug; DME
0900-1200Z++ 3rd Mon of Apr and Oct. Unmto 0600-1200Z++ wkd and H24 wkend and
(B) RWY-01L2,5,11,43 (10000x300 ASP
S150 T200 ST175 SBTT600 TT500
TDT800 DDT800 TRT600
PCN 108 F/A/W/T)
?HOOK E5 (5' OVRN) HOOK BAK-12(B) (1489')
HOOK BAK-12(B) (1908') HOOK E5 (9' OVRN) ?
RWY-12L5,43 (12000x300 ASP
S150 T200 ST175 SBTT600 TT500
TDT800 DDT800 TRT600
PCN 108 R/B/W/T)
HOOK BAK-9(B) (28' OVRN) HOOK BAK-12(B) (1475')
HOOK BAK-12(B) (1475') HOOK BAK-9(B) (39' OVRN)
TACAN unuse 105°-135° byd 20 NM blw 3000'
136°-320° byd 37 NM blw 2000'
321°-334° byd 30 NM blw 2500'
335°-104° byd 37 NM blw 2000'?B-194 AIRPORT/FACILITY DIRECTORY
ILS/RADAR - ILS - 19, 30 Lczr Rwy 30 unuse 250' fr thld inbd due to freq interference fr Rwy
19 Lczr. No-NOTAM MP: GS Rwy 19 0900-1200Z++ 1st Tue of Feb and Aug LOC Rwy 19
0900-1200Z++ 1st Tue of Apr and Oct GS Rwy 30 0900-1200Z++ 1st Wed of May and Nov
LOC Rwy 30 0900-1200Z++ 4th Wed of Feb and Aug. Rwy 19 and 30 ILS unmto
0600-1200Z++ wkd, and H24 wkend and hol. RADAR - SEE TERMINAL FLIP FOR RADAR