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CANNON AFB, NM KCVS AF N34°22'57.98" W103°19'19.73" 4295 UTC-7(-6DT)
H-2D, L-4H
SERVICE - LGT - REIL Rwy 13-31 avbl 15 min PN. Rwy 13 apch lgt elev nstd single row
cntrline portable lgt sys, 800'. Rwy 22 apch lgt 1500'. Rwy 31 apch lgt elev nstd portable
lgt sys, 1500'. Gated thld lgt on all rwy for ftr acft. A-GEAR - BAK-12-Extn run out, 1 1/4
pendant cable inst. PPR to acft rqr BAK-12 for wet rwy. 20 min PN for apch end BAK-12
Rwy 04-22. JASU - (MD-3) 1(M32A-60A) FUEL - J8 FLUID - SP PRESAIR LPOX LOX
OIL - O-148 SOAP TRAN ALERT - Avbl dur opr hr.
REMARKS - See NOTAM for Mon-Fri opr hr. Opr hr vary based on lcl wg flying. Opr
1500-1900Z++ Sat; clsd Sun and hol. Base OPS will opr 1 hr prior to afld opr hr as
NOTAMed, but not later than 1400Z++ Mon-Fri and 1430-1900Z++ Sat. RSTD - PPR, at
least 24 hr prior but not more than 72 hr prior, ctc DSN 681-2801, C505-784-2801, fax extn
4658. All acft must adhere to PPR +/- 30 min or PPR is invalid. ACC quiet hr policy in eff
0530-1300Z++. Dep acft rstd to 5800' til passing dep end of rwy. Portion of afld clsd 3rd
Sat ea month for maint. Rwy 13-31 day VFR only. Rwy 17-35 clsd perm. CAUTION -Clovis
Muni 13 NM NE. Portales Muni 14 NM SSW. Bird haz. Potential for hydroplaning
exists on Rwy 04-22 when wet due to rubber build up. Veh tfc on road (15' AGL), 410' fr
dep end Rwy 13 and 550' left of extn cntrline. TFC PAT - VFR jet rectangular 5800', tran
jet overhead 6300'. MISC - 1st 1200' Rwy 13 and 1st 300' Rwy 31 concrete, mid 6700'
asphaltic concrete. 1st 1200' Rwy 13 has ruf concrete. USAF, ANG and AFRC ftr acft exp
reduced rwy separation (RRS): Day/VFR, similar type acft, 3000'; dissimilar type acft, 6000'.
Ngt, 6000' all ftr acft. Tran ftr acft must notify twr on initial ctc if RRS is not desired. See
FLIP AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Rmk. No COMSEC avbl.
COMMUNICATIONS - SFA PTD - 372.2 ATIS - 119.1 269.9 APP - OT ctc
ALBUQUERQUE CENTER 126.85 319.2. (R) (E) 125.5 358.3 TWR - (E) 120.4 348.4
GND - 121.9 275.8 DEP - OT ctc ALBUQUERQUE CENTER 126.85 319.2. (R) 125.5 397.2
CLNC DEL - 120.2 378.8 COMD POST - 381.3 11175 (381.3 RAYMOND 7) (11175 24 hr
prim HF) REMARKS: HAVE QUICK timing avbl. PMSV METRO - Opr H24 wkd; wkend and
hol svc avbl dur afld hr only. 344.6 FSS-ALBUQUERQUE ABQ-NOTAM CVS
NAVAIDS - CANNON TACAN - L CVS CH 53 N34°22'50.58" W103°19'20.93" At Fld.
4280/(A)10°0.0'E Unmto outside publ opr hr and when radar fac is not manned.
No-NOTAM MP: 1300-1500Z++ Tue.
(B) RWY-04L2,5,11,50 (10000x150 CON
S90 T190 ST175 SBTT700 TT360
TDT910 DDT780 PCN 54 R/B/X/T)
HOOK BAK-12(B) (1050') HOOK BAK-12(B) (2500')
HOOK BAK-12(B) (2500') HOOK BAK-12(B) (1050')
RWY-13L6,9,34,50 (8200x150 ASP
S68 T135 ST165 SBTT340 TT225
HOOK BAK-12(B) (910') HOOK BAK-12(B) (910')
RWY-17 (8200x150 ASP) RWY-35