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September 21, 1995


Media are invited to tour the Air Force's newest battlefield management design concept for the future, Monday, September 25, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Andrews Air Force Base, Camp Springs, Md. The event is a part of Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration `95.

What was once a standard KC-135 refueling aircraft is now also an elaborate airborne multi-media platform with plug and play capability, demonstrating systems that could provide the theater commander a real-time representation of the battlefield -- any place, any time. While maintaining its ability to pass fuel, the aircraft can simultaneously re-target other combat aircraft with new intelligence data, demonstrating a true "sensor to shooter" capability.

With a call sign of Casey 01, this new concept aircraft has a high-capacity modular design, allowing for flexibile reconfiguration with different computer systems should battlefield threats change significantly.

To attend the demonstration, call Maj. Clem Gaines or Capt. Kathleen Cook, Air Force public affairs, at (703) 695-0640.